12-week weight loss and wellness program

Have you struggled keeping weight off in the past?

Join our exciting 12-Week Weight Loss and Wellness Program and discover easy ways to improve your health and lose weight permanently - without going hungry!

“I feel much healthier, my clothes fit great and I don’t have to take medication any more”

How our program can help you

We have designed a unique one-on-one approach to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve results

  • Includes 12 weekly coaching sessions focusing on the dietary and lifestyle keys proven by research to keep weight off in the long term
  • Motivation and accountability provided by a university trained Accredited Practising Dietitian experienced in working with overweight people who may also have other health conditions
  • Fun and interactive 30-minute learning sessions - including powerpoint presentations, food photography showing hidden fats in foods and worksheets for you to indentify your personal goals and actions to take next week
  • Unlike many other quick fix programs, our goal is to show you a better way to live so you can also reduce your future risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, or if you already have an existing condition, to achieve better control
  • We are interested in your wellbeing as a whole person, not just immediate weight loss results

Great benefits to take home

  • Enjoy our delicious 4-week slimming menus, recipes and shopping lists without having to count calories or going hungry
  • Share innovative ideas and new food wisdom with the whole family - you don't need to cook separate meals!
  • Start to feel better almost immediately - gain energy, sleep better, take the pressure off your joints and reduce pain, breathe easier, improve your confidence and enjoy life more
  • Take home your personal Weight Loss and Wellness Resource Kit including health books, pedometer, and more than 30 practical handouts to help you eat smart
  • Receive complimentary vouchers to attend one of our award winning cookshops and virtual supermarket tours
  • Lose up to 1 kg per week, shed body fat, reduce your waistline, drop your blood pressure, cut elevated cholesterol, blood sugar and other markers of inflammation or disease processes in the body

And much more...

Here's a taste of some of the inspiring topics you will cover

  • Is your pantry, fridge or freezer sabotaging you?
  • Learning to juggle your portions, snacks and eating out
  • Harnessing the power of everyday steps to boost your metabolism
  • What is the link between the GI, your hormones and weight control?
  • How to understand food labels and navigate the supermarket like a pro

Small investment - lifetime rewards

  • Commitment to meet with your personal dietitian for 12 weekly sessions
  • No joining fee
  • $995 for the entire program, including the Resource Kit. This is equivalent to the cost of 3 cups of coffee per day over the same period - 3 months! 
  • Rebates available from private health funds
  • People with medical conditions may also qualify for rebates through Medicare - check with your GP
  • No need to buy formulated foods or supplements
  • No myths or misleading facts
  • Only practical and evidence based information from the food and nutrition experts

If you only have a small amount of weight to lose or feel the premium 12-week structured program wouldn’t suit your needs, you can book in with our dietitians for an initial assessment consultation and set up your future appointments as desired. Click here to learn more.

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