Your Appointments

What to Expect From Your First Appointment

At your initial consultation we like to get to know lots about you so that we can provide personalised advice.  We collect information about your medical history, your lifestyle habits and dietary pattern and, importantly, your current health and wellbeing goals. The whole process can take around 1.5 hours*. We first ask you to fill out a detailed food and lifestyle questionnaire and we take measurements of your weight, height and body fat levels. You then go in to see the dietitian one on one for a complete nutritional assessment. By the end of your first visit, your dietitian will have provided you with either a tailored meal plan or personalised eating guidelines - depending on your preference - so you can immediately get started working on your goals.

* We allow approximately 30 minutes for you to complete the food and lifestyle questionnaire and have your full body composition measurements taken.

Follow Up Appointments

These are crucial to empower you with all the relevant information and practical advice you will need to make healthy choices. We build on the information you are already familiar with and adjust the content to target your priorities. The number of review sessions is determined by your personal needs and motivational level. Research shows that regular reviews with a qualified dietitian help people increase their compliance and better achieve their goals, compared to doing it alone.

Home Visits

These can be arranged at additional cost, depending on your location. Please inquire for your specific needs.

Phone Consultations

These can be arranged after your initial visit and comprehensive nutritional assessment. Our overseas clients regularly use this option. For example, after an initial face-to-face consultation at our clinic, we have kept in regular contact with clients who live in Singapore, Hong Kong and even Prague! Phone consultations are also useful if you live more locally but are running out of time to get to your appointment and have a land line available either at home or work. Note - many private health funds have approved the use of phone consultations during the coronavirus lockdown, and will provide their usual rebates.

Zoom Consultations

These are a unique way  to keep in touch with your dietitian whether you are based in Sydney or overseas. Using this free technology, you will be able to see and hear your dietitian and receive the same professional advice just as you would if you were present in person at the clinic! Payment by credit card is required. Note - many private health funds have approved the use of Telehealth consultations during the coronavirus lockdown, and will provide their usual rebates.

Email Consultations

These are a great option if you have some general food and nutrition questions. Prepayment by credit card is required. Please contact the clinic with your question/s and we will advise you of the cost, based on the number of questions and the time it will take to provide you with a considered response.