Health retreats

Ever wondered about the benefits of visiting a health retreat? A place where you could go, to simply focus on your own health goals, away from distractions of a busy lifestyle that keeps throwing you off track? Somewhere you might learn new ways to improve your habits or just be nurtured for a period?

As we often get asked by our clients for a personal recommendation on a health retreat or wellness spa in Australia, we thought we'd start to visit them. That way, we could give you a first hand account of what to expect.

If the retreat you are thinking of has not yet been reviewed, please email us your suggestion. If you are the operator of a health retreat we haven't reviewed, we'd also be happy for you to invite us for a weekend stay. Please note, all our product and service reviews at the Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic are independantly written and the health retreats have no editorial control. We like to paint an objective picture based on our experience at the time of visiting.

Enjoy your arm chair visits by clicking on a retreat in the left column! Let us know what you think.

Cedarvale Retreat