Our History

How it all Began

Dr Sue Radd’s Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic is one of Australia’s leading dietetic private practices, which provides one-on-one counselling services to the general public.  It was borne from a demand by specialist doctors for the cutting edge nutrition services provided by the founder, Dr Radd, after she had proven herself as a highly competent clinical dietitian in major Australian teaching hospitals.  Sue Radd Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1997 and the business has traded under the names of Nutri-life and Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic.  It is staffed by Accredited Practising Dietitians and dietetic support personnel, including nurses.

Innovative Nutrition Business Practice

Due to the personalised approach and early integration of the latest scientific findings into practise, the Clinic’s reputation and services have expanded over the years to include consultancy to a wide range of corporate clients such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, law firms and media outlets.  The introduction of Culinary Medicine cookshops in 2009, which are conducted in a specially fitted out demo kitchen within the Clinic, has further extended the offerings to the public.   Now people can also see easy ways to cook healthy food to stay well and better manage their medical conditions.  The cookshops concept was awarded the prestigious Dietitians Association of Australia President’s Award in 2010 for innovation in teaching about good food and nutrition.