Cookshop Praise

What people who have attended the cookshops said

"An excellent and professional workshop! Thank you."

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and thought it was very informative and fun.  I learnt heaps and have tried all the recipes now at home.”

"Fantastic set-up. Really liked the switching between cooking demo and information giving."

"I enjoyed all of the aspects of the workshop. I found it very informative and lots of helpful hints"

"Recipes are fantastic. Cooking tricks were very helpful. Visual aids were excellent."

“The running commentary and knowledge that Sue imparted was fantastic, current and relevant.”

“Very enjoyable night and found the info on how to change my diet was excellent.”

"It was great seeing how to cook some vegetables that I haven't tried cooking before and then eating the end product-every recipe was delicious."

"I thought the whole workshop was helpful as I am a diabetic and learnt many things"

"The practical aspect of seeing it being done and then tasting it was awesome. The additional knowledge behind the background/slides between taste testing was very informative."

“Very well done. Info was succint and effectively conveyed by a glowing picture of health.”

“Last week at the cooking workshop, with you saying “has everyone had enough food?” and your hospitality, we felt like we were in your home”

“That cooking class was fantastic and well worth the money”

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