Our dietitians are available on request for media interviews.

We can provide you with expert comment on a wide range of issues relating to foods, nutrients,
diets, cooking, grocery shopping and eating for optimal health and wellness.

To enquire about a media interview:

  • Please contact our friendly receptionist on (02) 9899 5208 for a Media Interview Request Form.
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TV Interviews - Short

Misleading School Canteen Logos on Processed Snack Foods: What Are You Packing in Your Child's Lunchbox? - Food InFocus (4:22)

Makeover Your Kitchen Rather Than Relying on Willpower to Make Healthy Choices - Food InFocus (4:13)

Need to Cut Salt? Don't Lose Out on Flavour - Try These Alternatives - Food InFocus (5:21)

The Ugly Food Revolution Could Help Reduce Food Waste and You Save Money! Are You Buying it? - Food InFocus (4:32)

The Wonder of Walnuts - Food InFocus (5:02)

Need Fibre and Omega-3? Try Chia - Food InFocus (5:32)

How to Pick Healthier Snacks - Food InFocus (5:47)

Trendy Plant-based Eating: What is it and How to Adopt it - Food InFocus (4:02)

Oblivobesity: What is it and Why it's a Potential Problem for the Future Health of Children - Food InFocus (5:55)

Almonds Are Awesome and so Good for You! - Food InFocus (5:22)

Mushrooms: Exotic and Good for You - Food InFocus (5:55)

Turmeric - The Potent Anti-inflammatory Spice to Protect You from Cancer and Cognitive Impairement! - Food InFocus (5:00)

Wholegrains - The Whole Story! Why They Are More Than Just High Fibre and What They Can do for You - Food InFocus (5:23)

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Humble Eggplant - Food InFocus (5:20)

How to Make a Green Monster Smoothie and Why it's Good for You - Food InFocus (5:14)

Why You Shouldn't Kiss Dates Goodbye - Food InFocus (4:41)

Sprouted Grain Bread - What's in it for You? - Food InFocus (5:03)

Weight Loss Secrets for Your Lifestyle that Really Work! - Food InFocus (4:57)

Are Your Plastic Bottles Poisoning You? - Food InFocus (4:23)

Is the Paleo Diet Right for You? - Food InFocus (3:58)

Got Irritable Bowel Syndrome? A Low FODMAPs Diet May Help! - Food InFocus (4:54)

Is Gluten Good or Evil? - Food InFocus (5:35)

Sprouts, Glorious Sprouts. Why You Should Unlock their Nutritious Goodness! - Food InFocus (5:52)

Who Should Drink Sports Drinks? - Food InFocus (4:44)

Cooking Methods Expose: It's Not Just What You Cook But How You Cook it! - Food InFocus (5:53)

Psyllium for Better Bowel Health and to Reduce Your Blood Sugar and Cholesterol - Food InFocus (6:05)

6 Eating Principles to Fight Cancer - Food InFocus (5:30)

5 Delicious Ways to Prepare Fennel and Why You Should Eat it - Food InFocus (5:05)

Is Alcohol Good for Your Heart and What's the Link with Cancer? - Food InFocus (4:48)

Does Vitamin C Prevent the Common Cold? And What Are the Best Natural Sources? - Food InFocus (4:58)

How Healthy is Your Diet? Do You Eat Enough Fruit n' Veg Each Day? New ABS Data on Australian Habits - Food InFocus (5:04)

Terrific Tofu - Why it's so Good for You and Which Type to Use for Various Recipes - Food InFocus (5:08)

The Miracle Mediterranean Diet - The Only Cuisine Protected by UNESCO! - Food InFocus (4:31)

Is Non-Stick Cookware Poisoning You? - Food InFocus (5:02)

New Research Sheds Light on Why Animal Products Can Promote Heart Disease: TMAO - Food InFocus (4:42)

The Healing Powers of One Simple Kitchen Ingredient - Honey! - Food InFocus (4:42)

Greening Your Diet: Good for You and Good for Your Planet! - Food InFocus (4:49)

Chronobiology: The Importance of Having Your Body Clocks in Sync for Weight Control and Optimal Health - Food InFocus (5:08)

Why High Protein Low Carb Diets Can Damage Your Health - Food InFocus (4:36)

How You Can Fight Cancer With Cruciferous Veges! - Food InFocus (5:10)

The Top 10 Germ Spots in Your Kitchen! - Food InFocus (4:27)

Cherries - Nature's Anti-inflammatory Super Heroes for Joint Pain, Gout, Muscle Soreness and Even Insomnia! - Food InFocus (4:45)

Risks of Taking Calcium Supplements and How to Get Enough from Plant Food - Food InFocus (5:30)

Why You Should See a Dietitian - To Better Prevent, Manage and Reverse Chronic Disease - Food InFocus (5:01)

Use More Beetroot and Take the Pressure Down - Food InFocus (4:37)

How to Make Fruit Fun For Kids - Check Out Some Nifty Gadgets! - Food InFocus (6:33) 

Startling Comparisons Between Healthy and Junk Food Snacks - Food InFocus (4:58)

Diet Foods and Big Fat Lies - Are Supermarket Diet Foods Necessary For You to Lose Weight? - Food InFocus (4:57)

Avoiding AGE's - What Are They, How Bad Are They and How You Can Reduce Your Exposure? - Food InFocus (3:59)

Tomato Power - The Everyday Superfood Delivering Lycopene to Protect Your Cells - Food InFocus (4:33)

Spice Up Your Life with Cinnamon and Reap the Benefits for Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, PCOS & More - Food InFocus (4:02)

Chew Your Food - Why Eating at a Slower Pace is Recommended for Your Health - Food InFocus (5:16)

Water Means Life: Surprising Facts About Everyday Ordinary Water - Food InFocus (4:25)

Alcohol - How Much is too Much? - Food InFocus (4:52)

The Anti-Asthma Diet - Food InFocus (4:55)

Why Nuts Don't Make you Fat! - Food InFocus (4:23)

What the New 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines Advise for Your Health - Food In Focus (4:53)

The Awesome Power of Beans, Peas and Lentils - Part 2 - Where to Buy, How to Cook and Reduce the Flatulence Factor! - Food InFocus (5:43)

The Awesome Power of Beans, Peas and Lentils - Part 1 - Food InFocus (4:55)

The Sound of Cancer Sizzling: How to Have Healthier BBQ's - Food InFocus (5:17)

Go nuts! Discover the Health Promoting Power of the Humble Nut - Food InFocus (4:40)

Healthy Christmas Gifts: What to Buy for Your Friends and Family - Food InFocus (5:28)

Olive Oil: How to Store and Cook with Your Mediterranean Gold - Food InFocus (5:07)

Recipe Renovations - How to Makeover your Favourite Family Meals - Food InFocus (5:12)

Risks of Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Tips to Ensure you Get Enough - Food InFocus (5:05)

Which Olive Oil Should you Choose and Why? - Food InFocus (3:59)

Organic vs Conventional Foods: What's the Difference? - Food InFocus (4:18)

The Healing Power of Herbs and How to Triple the Antioxidant Content of Your Salad! - Food InFocus (4:46)

Yummy Secrets for a Healthy, Warm Winter Soup - Food InFocus (4:32)

An Egg a Day? - Food InFocus (5:06) 

The Dangers of Trans Fats and Just How Common They are in Today's Foods - Food InFocus (4:31)

The Benefits of Barley - One of Nature's Hidden Superfoods - Food InFocus (4:59)

Is a Vegetarian Diet Adequate? - Food InFocus (5:03) 

Gourmet Salts - is any Type Good for You? - Food InFocus (4:50)

Stay Hydrated in Winter - Food InFocus (5:04) 

The Hidden Perils of Salt in our Food and Practical Solutions to Lower Your Salt Intake - Food InFocus (5:00) 

Dangers of White Rice for Diabetes and Tasty Solutions and Additions you Can Make to Your Rice - Food InFocus (4:33) 

How Dark Chocolate can Lower Blood Pressure, Prevent Blood Clots and Reduce Inflammation - Food InFocus (4:49) 

Which Is Better: Margarine or Butter? - Food InFocus (3:59) 

Plate Up or Plate Down? - Food InFocus (4:45) 

The Inconveneint Truth about Sugary Drinks - Food InFocus (6:40) 

Importance of Vitamin D and How you can Get Enough - Food InFocus (2:59)

The Dangers of Energy Drinks - Food InFocus (4:47)

The Intriguing Topic of Natures Laxatives - Food InFocus (4:25)

Expert Panel Judging Oven Hot Chips - A Current Affair, Channel 9 (3:39)

TV Interviews - Extended

ABCTV Documentary - How to Live Younger (56:31)

ABCTV Catalyst - Alzheimer's - Can We Prevent it? (26:39)

Cancer prevention - part 1 - Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (MTA) (25:48)

Cancer prevention - part 2 - Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (MTA) (27:47)

Radio Interviews (MP3 format)

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  29.9 Voice FM with Ruby Slipperz - Health and Wellness (9:22)
  2GB Radio, The House of Wellness - Food as Medicine (8:51)
  SBS Croatian Radio, Part 1 - with Natasha Talmacs (8:00)
  666 ABC Canberra - with Alex Sloane and Caroline Salisbury (15:44)
  BBC Nth Yorkshire, UK - with Jules & Julia (12:25)
  BBC Leeds, UK - with John Boyd (6:16)
  BBC Newcastle, UK - with John Gordon (12:30)