Food & nutrition information

Topics A-J


Teen health and acne


Abstinence is best
Alcohol advice revisited

Anxiety & Depression

When your mood goes south    


A gout-prevention guide
The health benefits of cherries
The arthritis-red meat connection 


The anti-asthma diet


Bread of life 


Breakfast: a good habit
Deconstructing Bircher muesli
Hot winter breakfasts
Kids breakfast

Cancer Prevention

Alcohol promotes breast cancer
Cancer fighters
Eat to beat cancer
Fighting cancer
Protect your prostate
Summer BBQ's: what's at steak?
The benefits of citrus fruit 


Eggs: unscrambling fact from fiction
Lowering your cholesterol
Psyllium power 

Coffee & Caffeine

All coffee is harmful
The truth about caffeine 

Dairy Alternatives

Calcium from plant foods
Making sense of dairy free
Soy for healthy bones
Which milk alternative?


Detox diets
Detox your cookware


A natural help for diabetics
Bitter melon for better blood sugar
Low GI eating can control your sugar


Dieting do's and don'ts
Gluten-free Diets
Magic of the Mediterranean diet
Problems with going Paleo
What are plant based diets?
Why should you visit a dietitian?


Fancy a fruit juice
Health risks of energy drinks
Nature’s pure drop
Need to boost fluids?

Eye Health

Eating for 20/20 vision 

Fast Food

Fooled by fast food
The problem with fast foods 

Fertility & Pregnancy

Iodine: vital for health
No alcohol in pregnancy
The fertility diet 


Foraging for fibre
Getting gluten free fibre
Nature's laxatives


Omega 3 for vegetarians
Something fishy about mercury


Superfruits with superpowers?

Food Labelling

New food laws hit

Food Safety

Food safety at home

Gastrointestinal Health

Low FODMAP's diet
How to fix a fatty liver
Preventing inflammatory bowel disease

Heart Disease

Are trans fats to die for?
Heart attack protector
Pills or peanuts?
The good oil

Healthy Eating

Anti-inflammatory eating
Cleaning up your carbs
Family dinners are diet winners
Family meals matter
Good foods and bad foods
Lower the GI of your diet
Renovate your plate
Shaking your salt habit
Shift work strategies
Simplicity adds to life
Smart beach eating
Summer-savvy food tips
Super sprouts

Herbs & Spices

Boost antioxidants with herbs
Cinnamon: culinary spice or medicine?
Ginger spice
Trust turmeric

High Blood Pressure

Beets lower blood pressure
Diet to lower your BP
Plant foods keep the pressure down
Salt increases blood pressure
Should you add salt?


Topics K-Z

Kid Friendly

Banish fussy eating
Fight obesity in kids
Good eating for kids
Healthy, not hyper, kids!
Healthy school lunch boxes
How to get kids to eat more fruit
How to get kids to eat vegetables
Kids in the kitchen


Greening your kitchen
Kitchen gadgets
New year pantry makeover


Eat less and live longer
Legumes for longevity

Mental Health

Preventing Alzheimer's disease


Nuts to you too!


Those organic foods

Portion Size

Mind your portions

Raw Foods

Those raw-foods diets


Anti-reflux guidelines


Dressing up summer salads


Reinvigorating the sandwich
Top sandwich tips

Shopping & Cooking   

Can non-stick cookware be toxic?
De-mystifying tofu
Green shopping
Healthy burgers
Healthy cooking methods
Healthy gift ideas
Make over your cheese platter
Recipe makeover
Shopping on a budget 
Shopping for special diets
Shopping lists promote healthier choices 
The five worst foods in your fridge
Why you should reduce the AGE's in your food


Healthy snack foods for kids
Office munchies
The snack attack 


Warming winter soups 

Soy Foods

Soy and breast cancer
Soy improves women's health
The best way to get soy 


The healthiest spreads
What about healthy margarines?


10 reasons to say no to sugar
Alternative sweeteners
Honey is better than sugar 


Travel-easy tips
Vacation wisdom 

Urinary Tract Infection

Cranberries to the rescue


A cruciferous crush
Dose up on dark, green leafy vegetables
Superfood kale
Tomato: The everyday superfood


B12 for vegetarians
Case for going vego!
Should you go vegetarian?
Vegetarian diet saves lives 


Are supplements risky?
Getting enough vitamin B12
Step into the sunshine
Vitamin C and the common cold
What’s the good of vitamins? 

Weight Loss

Are low-fat diets for you?
Atkins diet
Avoid that holiday weight gain
Comfort eating over christmas 
Does size matter?
Eat more weigh less
Hollywood diets don't work
Long-term weight loss secrets
Losing weight permanently
Salads for satiety
The real cost of upsizing
Weekend weight crunch
Why plan meals?
Why you should eat slowly
Tracking your food intake  

Whole Foods

Boost your beans
Whole foods for better health 


Barley benefits health
Eat more wholegrains

Women's Health

Living well with PCOS