One on one consultations

If you are looking for a private service where you can receive your dietitians full and undivided attention, to focus entirely on your individual needs, a one on one consultation is for you!

In a one on one consultation, you get to sit in a comfortable room with your dietitian. It is a pleasant time where you can feel secure and relaxed to open up and share. You will feel that, as well as being your nutrition guide, your dietitian is your friend. The style of the consultation is best described as something between a counselling and coaching session. Importantly, there is no finger wagging! Simply, a recap of where you're at, what hurdles or leaps you may have experienced and positive suggestions for how you can move on with confidence towards your goal.

A few quotes from our clients

“That was awesome!”

“This has been a good experience for my family, especially for my children”

“I have decreased by blood sugar reading and lost weight. I have a new lease on life, eventhough I am 71!”

Clients have told us they benefit greatly from having regular one on one consultations, to help them stay on track. Initially, these may be weekly, but in the longer term you may find fortnightly, monthly or quarterly 'check ins' work well for maintenance of your health goals. It's a bit like having your car serviced regularly in order for it to keep running well so it doesn't break down and cost the earth to repair! Put another way, it's being given a regular injection of lifestyle medicine to help you stay off medication or keep to a lower dose.

One on one consultations are ideal if you have diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, irritable bowel, any other medical conditions or if you simply want help with weight loss.

Spoil Someone You Love with a Gift Certificate

Have a special occasion coming up?  Why not give someone you love the opportunity to also enjoy positive lifestyle changes?

A gift certificate can be used for our one on one consultations, cooking workshops or health seminars. It is a fantastic and unique idea to use for birthdays, weddings, staff incentives and anniversaries.

To purchase a Gift Certificate please call us on (02) 9899 5208.