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This month we take a look at: staying slim over the new year, cookshops coming up in 2011, top tips for smart shopping, plus more!

What’s in the News – Fast Food Chains to Reveal Hidden Kilojoules

A new food labelling law to be introduced in NSW early next year will see major fast food restaurants including KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut have to display their energy content (kilojoules) on menus. Major bakeries, salad and juice bars, and coffee and doughnut outlets will also need to comply. Read the full article here.

Our verdict? The introduction of this law will allow you to make more informed decisions about your food choices when having to eat away from home. It will hopefully steer people to choose healthier alternatives or, at the very least, caution them to stay with a regular portion size and decline upsizing to a larger meal or drink.

Slimming Tip – Don’t Drink Yourself Silly Through the ‘Silly Season’

Could alcoholic beverages be fueling your weight gain over the Christmas and New Year holiday period? Most people realise that they tend to eat more food during the festive season, but many fail to appreciate the contribution of their liquid calories during this time!

Alcohol supplies a high energy content of 29 kJ per gram.  Since a standard drink contains 10 g of pure alcohol (ethanol), the average drink will provide you with a minimum of 290 kJ – and that’s not taking into account the additional kilojoules from any added sugars, juices, or carbonated drinks that are mixed in!

More importantly, most commonly bought alcoholic drinks often contain more than one standard drink per container or glass, which means you are most likely consuming much more than you think!

What’s our advice? If you drink, enjoy alcoholic drinks in moderation. Men should keep to no more than two standard drinks in a day and, women should have no more than one standard drink. Ladies, you may be surprised, but this amount is usually less than what gets poured into a ‘glass of wine’ at a fancy restaurant! It is important for all of us to understand the number of actual ‘standard’ drinks contained in a product to prevent overconsumption. See for yourself how many standard drinks are contained in various packaging of beer, wine and spirits.

What’s Cooking in 2011– Exciting New Range of Cookshops Coming Soon!

Our award-winning culinary medicine cookshops have now been running for over 12 months.  Judging by the amazing responses we’ve had so far, the cookshops are a highly popular way to learn about what you can eat to better manage your health.

For 2011, we’ve kept the most popular topics - low GI, drop your cholesterol, healthy vegetarian eating and the low FODMAPs way to manage IBS PLUS we have introduced additional topics based on your requests.

If you have an interest in keeping healthy and staving off disease – stay tuned.  You’ll love the range of cookshops heading your way from February 2011.

To see what others have said about the cookshops and how you could benefit click here.

For a sneak peak of what’s coming up next year, click on the ‘Cookshops’ tab on our website: www.sueradd.com or call us on (02) 9899 5208 to discuss your needs.

Food Matters – 10 Supermarket Tips when Shopping on a Budget

Did you know that most shoppers only take three seconds to choose a product in the supermarket? If you’re one of these super quick shoppers, you may be losing out on nutritional value by making impulse buys based on clever marketing claims. If you want smart shopping tips for when you hit the supermarket, read Sue Radd’s latest column grocery shopping on a budget

What’s Fresh – Eggplants

Have you tried an eggplant lately? Eggplants are truly versatile. You can enjoy them steamed, stewed, braised or have them stuffed and baked with rice or barley. As well as tasting delicious, their high level of viscous dietary fibre will help lower your blood cholesterol!

Also known as aubergines, eggplants usually have an edible glossy purple skin (although some come in white or green colouring), a unique but pleasant slightly bitter taste and a cream coloured flesh retaining very small seeds that provide a supple texture. The deep purple skin of the eggplant is rich in anthocyanins offering antioxidant protection.

Did you know that while most people salt their eggplant before cooking - most fresh Australian eggplants do not require salting as they are generally not bitter! A small amount of salt may be required only if the eggplant is mature and the seeds are black.

When choosing eggplants, select firm ones that feel heavy for their size, with smooth, satin-like glossy skin and are free from discolouration or scarring. To pick a ripe eggplant, press gently on the skin with your thumb – if it springs back it is ripe, if an indent remains it is not. It is best to store eggplants in the crisper of your fridge for up to five days.

3 ways with eggplant

  • Blend eggplant with lemon, garlic and tahini to make the popular baba ganoush dip – watch our video to see how easy this is to do 
  • Try Sue Radd's stunning Pasta Sauce with Eggplant, Red Capsicum and Currants from the Eat to Live book (available in libraries or from our clinic)
  • Mix together a delicious Eggplant Salad with Mint & Red Capsicum. See our recipe  

Clinic News – Clinic Closed for Christmas Break

The Nutrition and Wellbeing Clinic will close from December 24th and re-open Monday 10th January.  If you’re thinking to get back in to see your dietitian before Christmas – or early in the New Year - contact our friendly receptionists today on 9899 5208.  Sessions are filling up fast!

In the Kitchen – Microplane Grater

Want a fast, effortless way to produce superbly zested or finely grated foods? A professional quality microplane grater is perfect for zesting the peel of lemons, limes, and oranges, which can provide a rich deep flavour and extra antioxidants when added to various dishes.

Not only is this kitchen tool ideal for zesting – but when a recipe calls for the finest grated cheese (such as pecorino or parmesan), chocolate (dark, of course!), coconut or herbs and spices such as garlic, ginger and nutmeg, this gadget will outshine your standard box grater!

The microplane grater is a handheld device with a stick-like appearance and fine thin blades to create finely grated or zested ingredients. You can find these graters in most supermarkets, homeware specialty stores and online. Prices start from $39.95 AUS.

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